Why Hovnanian

Traditional values, progressive methods

In an ever-changing educational climate, Hovnanian School provides stability through traditional values of community, grit, accountability, heritage, leadership, unity, respect and the importance of family.


The teaching methods and educational philosophy at Hovnanian School are therefore rooted in the following guiding principles:


Student and faculty partnership


Student-centered approach to learning


Cross-grade interactions and experiences


Support the growth mindset of young people as creative and intellectually curious individuals


Appreciation of each child’s unique personality and learning style


Respect for the cognitive, social and emotional aspects of a child’s development

Multi-lingual expression

Every child has the innate ability to learn multiple languages. At Hovnanian, every student learns in three languages: Armenian, English & French.


From the moment a child is born until those early adolescent years, a child’s brain is malleable – it is flexible in its knowledge acquisition and comprehension. Lifelong fluency is significantly higher when a child begins learning a 2nd language before the age of 10. This is the ideal time for our youth to learn their 2nd and 3rd languages.


Becoming a multi-lingual learner expands their mind in ways that will stay with them throughout their lives. Studies show that the multi-lingual child is a better student, the effects of compound into qualities that are highly sought after by both higher education institutions and businesses.


Beginning a bilingual education in childhood includes lifelong benefits such as:

Greater cultural awareness and acceptance of varied perspectives


Increased reading comprehension


Higher level of focus


Stronger abilities in decision-making


Better performance on standardized tests


Higher average salaries in adulthood

Why Armenian?

Armenian is our mother tongue. Part of our mission at Hovnanian School is to preserve the language of our people. Without a school like ours, the threat of Western Armenian dissolving completely is a terrifying reality.
Will There Be an Armenian Diaspora in 100 Years’ Time? Read here.


Why French?

When learning both Armenian & French, almost every pronunciation is perfected which then opens the possibility to learn any other language.
French is the 2nd most-studied language in the world – after English!
France has the 3rd largest Armenian diaspora, after Russia and the U.S.

K-8 model

Students who complete a continuous program Kindergarten through 8th grade have a more favorable perception of their academic abilities than those who attended a separate middle school or junior high.

The model simply allows for one of the most impactful environments for learning – allowing for cross-age interactions. Students not only engage in broader range of academic content, they also have more exposure to various social and leadership opportunities.

The model also eliminates one of the toughest transitions – moving into 6th grade. They already move into high school, why add another scary transition at arguably one of the toughest times in their adolescent years?

Students in K-8 programs highlight the sense of safety they feel while at school. Furthermore, they exhibit fewer behavioral and discipline problems, which can threaten their overall educational experience. As a result, this allows them to focus more on learning than navigating the difficulties of socially trying to protect themselves.


Older adolescents get to be leaders. Instead of being stuck in limbo (middle school), which is often when students get lost in the shuffle, young teens step up to become the leaders in K-8 school. Our school enriches this model through programs like Project Time and peer mentorship opportunities.


At Hovnanian School, the feeling of a close-knit community is intentional and integral to creating the environment and relationships that afford our students the time and space to explore their place in this world.


Overwhelmingly, the most common compliment parents pay is that the school cares for their children as if they were their own.


In addition to the excellent academic standards that have earned our alumni admission to the finest secondary schools and higher institutions, our students graduate with deep appreciation for their culture as well as others’.


The family-like relationships between children and adults shape the environment in which students are able to connect to peers as global citizens who each have a story to share.


Encouraging the development of identity fosters independence and self-confidence that extends beyond our student body.


Parents are also confident in their involvement in the school and organize events that promote the feeling of community and provide additional educational opportunities.


Dedicated. Nurturing. Caring. Supportive.


One of the many special aspects of Hovnanian is the dedicated and supportive faculty & staff. From the staff who are brand new this year to those who’ve been with us for almost 40 years, every single team member here is committed to our students reaching their greatest potential. The faculty-student relationship is at the core of the academic programming here, fostering our students to learn critical skills in self-advocacy, curiosity and leadership.


45 years and counting.


Since 1976, Hovnanian School has provided children in the community with the invaluable opportunity to acquire fluency in the Armenian and English languages. Alongside top-notch instruction in the Armenian language, Hovnanian provides a deep connection to the Armenian culture and history through a myriad of education programs and event

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