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We provide new experiences to our 5th though 8th Grades that nurture growth and discovery, personally, intellectually and emotionally.

Nurturing well-rounded
global citizens

Our program is designed around the needs and experiences of our students. Our core pillars are present in all aspects of our middle school programming.


Hovnanian middle school students are given the opportunity daily to explore and engage in leadership opportunities, mentorship, problem-solving skills, compassionate communication, personal ethics, social relationships, new interests, multilingual expression and what it means to be a well-rounded, global citizen.

The Middle School years are not only spent engaging in the now, but they are also a time to prepare our students for what’s to come after Hovnanian. Guiding our students to prepare them for the transition to high school is one of our top priorities. As our students grow emotionally, physically and intellectually, our faculty & staff is there to guide them along the way, serving as more than just teachers, but mentors, as well, gently pushing them and supporting them in a world that is ever-changing.


The core curriculum, along with extracurricular and enrichment programming, supports Hovnanian’s mission. From Project Time to Leadership classes, our students are extending their learning outside of the classroom & across grades, and ultimately given the opportunity to develop lifelong skills that transcend beyond the walls of Hovnanian.

Explore our programming

We invite you to explore some of our programming below, and also schedule time with our Admissions office to learn more about the Toufayan Middle School at Hovnanian.

Armenian language
enhancement class

One of our unique classes for middle school is the conversational Armenian class, which intends to bring the language outside of just the four walls of our classrooms and make it a living language. Our students get the chance to discuss different topics of their choice, such as politics, books and science, with each other and strengthen their oral language skills. Another advantage of this class is students are given the opportunity to converse in Armenian with prominent members of our community such as Dr. Khatchig Mouradian.

Student ambassadors

Student Ambassadors are responsible for representing Hovnanian School-its history, opportunities, attributes, benefits and services-when hosting or welcoming visitors and prospective families to our school. Acting as a representative for the school, Student Ambassadors are expected to display pride and passion for Hovnanian, while representing themselves and the school in a professional and appropriate manner. Students interested in becoming a Hovnanian ambassador must submit a video application and conduct an in-person interview with our Admissions office.

Student government

Hovnanian’s student council is comprised of 7th and 8th graders and serves to develop leadership skills, foster community awareness and participation, and promote school spirit. Furthermore, student government complements the 8th grade social studies curriculum where they dive deep into the US Constitution.


In November, we conduct a school-side election prior to which our 7th and 8th graders running for office are campaigning. On election day we have our 1st-8th grade students submitting their ballots, learning about democracy.


One example from last year’s elected student council is their institution of a student-led book club. The President submitted a proposal, advocating for the benefits of offering such a program. Once approved, the council then created lesson plans for each meeting of the book club.

Leadership course

This course is designed to provide students with the opportunity to understand various leadership styles, and the skills required to become an effective leader in any organization. Through this course, students will also strengthen their public speaking, team building, communication and interview skills as well as their self-confidence through a variety of activities. This course will also include visits from various guest speakers including high school counselors, government officials and business leaders within the Armenian community.

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